Replacement Breast Pump Membranes, 6pk

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  • Compatible with all Evenflo Feeding breast pumps
  • Replace every 60-90 days; worn out parts reduce your pump's performance
  • Keep a spare set everywhere you pump
  • Ships within 2 business days. Learn More
  • (6) Replacement Membranes

Missing or worn out pump parts can reduce your pump's suction and overall performance. To help keep your breast pump working as it should, replace your membranes if you notice a tear or stretching, or a decrease in your pump’s performance. Depending on how frequently you pump will determine how often you need to change your membranes. If you pump on a daily basis, you will want to change your membranes every 60 to 90 days. The Evenflo Feeding Replacement Breast Pump Membranes contains 6 silicone membranes so you have extras on hand when you need them. The membranes are tinted to make them easier to find during use and while cleaning. These replacement membranes work with all Evenflo Feeding pumps, including the hospital strength Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump, Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump and Advanced Manual Breast Pump. The replacement membranes are 100% free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC and phthalates and are made of FDA-approved food grade material.